The variety of cages in our “Katz Hotel” caters for every cat’s individual personality. We have two options of cages:


Our regular units are designed for the introvert, less active of the cats.

Out of season per night: R89
In season & public holidays per night: R145
December: R158 per night


Our 10 Luxury Units are 3 levels high, with different textures (grass, tiles and carpet) for any active, energetic cat, that wants to experience home away from home. Not only are the Luxury Units more spacious and comfortable, we have included a big window for the extroverts that enjoy sunbathing. It can home up to 3 cats (from the same family) very comfortably.

The luxury units are temperature controlled to keep your cat warm and cosy at night/ during the winter periods.

The new luxury units are also infused with Feliway (calming pheromone) to ensure your cats stay is as relaxed as possible.

Regular communication is also part of the package, all pets in the luxury units are monitored by our team on their general health, appetite and toilet activity.

To add to all the spoils, all luxury unit patrons are provided a daily portion of wet food, included in the price.

Out of Season Pricing:

One Cat R273/night R246/ day for 7+ days and R232/day for 14+ days

Two Cats R420/night R378/ day for 7+ days and R357/day for 14+ days

Three Cats R579/night R521/ day for 7+ days and R492/day for 14+ days

In Season Pricing:

One Cat R310/night R279/ day for 7+ days and R264/day for 14+ days

Two Cats R472/night R425/ day for 7+ days and R401/day for 14+ days

Three Cats R630/night R567/ day for 7+ days and R536/day for 14+ days


All the info you need to know for booking your your cats into the Katz Hotel you can read the following:

Guest Requirements and Boarding Services

All cats must be fully vaccinated before admission (3 in 1 and Rabies, Snuffels/Bordetella).

All parasite prevention (Tick/Flea and Deworming) medication must be up to date.

The menu:

All cats are fed twice daily. Our preference is Royal Canin, but we also offer Hills and Iams. You are more than welcome to bring food from home if you prefer.

Daily treats can be given as well – remember to tell us in advance and bring them from home!

Looking good:

We have an onsite, highly experience groomer! You can add that to your cats stay, just confirm when booking

All cats staying for 2 weeks or longer, get a free trip to the groomer


Please complete the simple form below and we will get back to you to confirm your booking! Please allow for a 24 hours response time


Phone us at 012 997 1419 to make a booking now.